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Most products we can Print & Ship the same day for a Rush fee (Proof included and needs to be confirmed by 2PM CST) - you can see fees at Checkout.

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Embosser Orientation & Instructions:


Top Loading (usually used for Stationery)


Bottom Loading (usually used for Envelope Flaps or Folded NoteCards)


Paper Weight: Standard Embossers are only guaranteed to provide good impressions up to 20# paper & thin envelopes. Embossing heavier paper may result in light or uneven impressions. We do not recommend embossing cardstock heavier than 60lb. Please note: Using excessively thick paper or multiple sheets repeatedly may cause damage to your embosser.

We do offer a Deep Etch embosser for heavier envelopes & cardstock up to 10 pt.


Stickers & LightWeight Paper: They may crinkle when you emboss. To minimize, try placing another sheet of regular paper underneath & emboss both together.
Small Tears or Punch-outs: Once in a while using your embosser you might encouter small tears or punch-outs in the paper. These are normal for personal embossers and should not be considered a flaw. To minimize this, try applying less pressure on the handle when embossing or try placing another sheet or regular paper underneath and embosser both together.


Uneven Impressions: They may occur for a few reasons: (a) The embosser plate is not securely attached to the embosser, (b) the paper is too heavy (standard embosser), (c) you are not applying enough pressure when embossing - try standing while embossing to get better leverage.

Seal Inserts: When ordering a second seal insert or replacement, you must specify the model so we will know what type of insert to provide.
*not all replacement inserts are compatible with one another.

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